Pilot Training institute

Pilot Training Institute

Capt Sahil Khurana Aviation Academy is one of the most reliable & professional Aviation Institutes. We offer all students Industry's best Commercial pilot training & Airline transport Pilot Training. Students graduate and build great Aviation careers. CSKAA gives aspirant pilots India's best ground training along with professional pilot flight training in India & Abroad.

Our Pilot Training Institute provide students highly scalable Aviation training. Academy offers a wide range of pilot courses including CPL, ATPL, Airline Preparation, Cadet Pilot Preparation, Interview preparation & more .Capt Sahil Khurana Aviation Academy has a dedicated team to help students with a rigorous Aviation curriculum.

We are a promising Pilot Training Academy that helps students to build a successful careers in aviation. Our pilot training courses ensure aspirants serve the aviation sector with great professionalism and skills. At Capt Sahil Khurana Aviation Academy, we offer extensive theoretical and practical learning experiences for students.

Thus ensuring in depth knowledge and aviation skill development to be a successful pilot. We give aspirants a way to train themselves to get maximum exposure in the aviation industry. Our squad of aviation experts offers courses and training sessions that are easy to learn and as per aviation sector needs.

At Capt Sahil Khurana Aviation Academy, Students learn advanced aviation curriculum courses with latest infrastructure. We are equipped with state-of-the-art technologies, tools, and the latest aspects to help aspirants learn easily.

We are a classified and reputable Pilot Training Centre that ensures students are professional pilots and crew members to fly high in their Pilot career. Our training sessions and activities are held timely that help students to develop and improve aviation aptitude.

Apart from modern facilities, we have well-qualified and experienced staff to help future pilots with best-in-class training and aviation skill development. What next are you waiting for? Capt Sahil Khurana Aviation Academy is just a call away from acquiring Pilot aviation job opportunities. Join us today and explore your aviation career to be a successful pilot and serve the best in the Aviation sector. CSKAA makes sure your SUCCESS IS CERTAIN.